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Since 1994, Pardners Heating and Air Conditioning has been providing the very best in indoor comfort services to the greater Austin area community.
At Pardners Air Conditioning, we are committed to exceeeding your expectations in all areas of our service to you. We strive to to give you the most professional, positive and enjoyable indoor comfort service experience you have ever had.
While we are an award winning, highly qualified, experienced full service heating and air conditioning contractor, we trust you will find us to be much more...
Pardners Air Conditioning takes great pride in old fashioned craftmanship and value added customer service. Underlying our passion and commitment to our clients is a platform of uncompromised integrity. Your indoor comfort is our business, it's the reason we exist. We will always treat you as a member of our family, with respect and clear communication. As a matter of company policy, you will always receive our very best effort whether you need a system tune up, a complete system replacement, or information on your options. We would love an opportunity to earn your business. Give us a call.
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I think it's important to let an employer know when one of his employees has 
done a particularly good job. Casey (KC?) was here this morning to adjust the 
air flow to an outlet in our entry (and to fix an outlet in a bedroom). We 
don't know yet whether what he did will work, but his solution seemed very 
sophisticated and promising. He was very careful and thorough - and thoughtful.

And, Fred, good for you for giving your employee such good training!